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Goodbye Horses

Goodbye Horses

Location: Rehweiler, Germany
Date taken: 9 Sep 2012
Camera: Panasonic GH2
Lens: Lumix 7-14mm
Printer: Epson 3880 Professional Printer
Printer paper: Ilford GALERIE Prestige Gold Mono Photo Paper
Award(s) 2013 International Photographer Award Honorable Mention in Fine Art & Landscape Category, Published in Black & White Magazine 2013 Winner Portfolio

You could feel it. Early September and the German countryside was beginning to have the crisp cool tone as Autumn began to creep into the mornings. The quiet beauty of the rural areas surrounding our village is permanently etched onto my photographer’s soul. Small quaint villages dot this countryside. Walking paths crisscross the heart of the community. Benches overlooking the climax of scenic points are common and it is all pristine and clean. One must respect the German people and how attentive they are to their environment. It may not be as dramatic as a national park in Utah but if one is looking for a peaceful walk or gorgeous bike ride through the country, this land is hard to match.

On this beautiful pre-Autumn morning I set out to “see’ the land. On this particular day, I drove my beloved VW Golf (may she rest in peace) to a nearby village called Godelhausen. I was out before sunrise, enjoying the solitude and the presence of nature. I drove into the hills capturing some moments but nothing that moved me. With some regret I made my way back to Rehweiler, arriving on the road where we walked our lab Bailey. Seeing a lone horse, I stopped the car and captured a picture. However, I was not pleased and drove on, only to find a much better spot. I stopped the car again and quickly set up the tripod. With the mist hovering over the field the light from the morning sun arrived, illuminating everything and touching my soul…goodbye horses.
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