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View to Eternity

View to Eternity

Location: Rehweiler, Germany
Date taken: 8 Jun 2013
Camera: Panasonic GH2
Lens: Lumix 45-200mm
Printer: Epson 3880 Professional Printer
Printer Paper: Ilford GALERIE Prestige Gold Mono Photo Paper
Award(s) 2013 International Photographer Award Honorable Mention in Fine Art & Landscape Category, Black and White Magazine 2014 Single Image Category

I love the Germany countryside. That is where my interest in photography blossomed. Before I retired from the Air Force, my last assignment was Lakenheath Air Force base, England. Although we travelled I never had a desire to take anything but “fun” shots, for example on a visit to Cambridge but nothing more.. That all changed when we arrived in Germany to work at Ramstein Air Force base. We moved to a small village and enjoyed our walks in the countryside immensely. Then one faithful day I decided to bring my old Kodak camera along and that sealed my fate and started me on a photography journey.

This image was taken in our village of Rehweiler.. On this particular summer morning the mist was thick, typical for a German morning. I walked down to the railroad track anxious to see sunrise but the mist was so thick I could barely see anything.The sunrise came and went and I explored the area more. Finally I plunked my camera down on the railroad tracks as the mist relented and was struck by the scene. My photography path reminds me of this lonely railroad track and how along the way, the path can open and for a moment, just for a moment you can see it all so clearly, even if we don’t know where it leads…View to Eternity.
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Keywords:Black & White, Germany, Landscape, MSPHOTOWORLD, Mark Seawell, Mono, ansel adams, contrast, misty, mysterious landscape, mystic, peaceful, photgraphy, tonal