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Heaven's Gate

Heaven's Gate

Location: Obermohr, Germany
Date taken: 30 November 2011
Camera: Panasonic G1
Lens: Lumix 45-200mm
Ilford GALERIE Prestige Gold Mono Photo Paper

Award(s) Black and White Magazine, 2013 Single Image winner
2nd Place Black & White Worldwide Photography Contest (Digital Photography Magazine 2013)
International Photographers Award (Nomination in Landscape Category)
Image of the Month in Imaging Resource Magazine.

We had recently moved from our village called Obermohr to the village of Rehweiler (both in Germany). This particular November, the weather had been horrible. It had been raining just about every day. I was feeling very frustrated since I had little opportunity to fire my camera in anger. Finally on Nov 30th, I awoke to the sound of…silence, no rain! So I decided to take the back roads to work, cutting through the hills above Rehweiler. This path can be lovely and I wasn’t disappointed as my faithful VW took me through the winding paths. I stopped to take a picture of the villiage of Reuschbach from atop a hill, pleased with the light and relishing being able to shoot. I crossed the road and headed straight down the road to Obermohr. A couple of cars were trailing as I rounded the corner and my blood froze. There, in the distance was Obermohr surrounded in morning mist with the church steeple peeking through. Wow! In my head I was already seeing this scene in black and white. I slowed to a crawl, probably much to the annoyance of the people behind me and pulled off. Quickly I set my camera up lest it all go away. And when I pressed that shutter button I knew I had captured….Heaven’s Gate.
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Keywords:Fog, Germany, Landscape, Reuschbach, fields, god-rays, nature, scenic, sunrise, travel, village