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Field of Reeds

Field of Reeds

The land is often a reflection of something deeper. On this morning, clouds from the previous night's storm roamed the skies above Antelope Island. I was suddenly struck by the contradictory nature of morning itself. Morning truly is the remnants of what was, the ending from the past and yet before me, something entirely new and unknown. A continuous cycle that is but a reflection of our lives. Like the mountains, we to are subjects of time and bear witness to fleeting moments. Things we thought, hoped, would be forever are suddenly gone and we are all a little poorer for it. And in that sad truth, perhaps we should just laugh and think of the time we had, and appreciate the awesome beauty.. of what was. For what you see here is but a fleeting moment, a contradition. I stand with the land as the first light of day finally arives. A new beginning in a field of reeds.
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Keywords:Antelope Island, Bison, Buffalo, Landscape, Linda & Mike, May 2016, Robert & Ruth, camping