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Some places are deep. I don’t refer just to the physical spaces of the great west but another element that touches you in these moments of oneness with the land. Dead Horse State Point State Park is such a place. One has to be impressed as they witness the spectacle of millions of years of evolution as the river cut through the great canyons and leaving such awesome sights to behold. On this cold morning in January, my wife and I set out on our first journey to Dead Horse not really knowing what to expect. When we arrived in the early hours of the day, darkness slowly giving way to the sun emerging from behind the mountains our wonder only grew, the light peeling back the obscurity and watching the true land come into our sight. The clouds of the morning streamed by, adding another dimension. Stunning doesn’t really do this earth gesture justice, grand in its elegance us puny by comparison for how could we compare. The lone ancient tree braced against the edge of the rim made it all complete. Truly spectators in the grand land and humbled by the beauty of this place…..Epic.
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