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Gennesse Gordon(non-registered)
You have beautiful photographs I’m a huge fan. I love to see them when you come into Bennion crafts and drop them off.
Absolutely gorgeous pictures! Thank you for sharing!
I recently found your business card and finally checked out your site. I was a park ranger at Capitol Reef and we chatted for awhile by the Gifford House. You and your family are lovely. Your pictures are wonderful, and I sent the link to some friends in Utah that will enjoy seeing their home from your keen eye. My season is over there and I moved away, but your pictures brought it all back to life. Thank you!
Tom Szalay(non-registered)
Damn, you're good!. Love the BW. I can feel Kenna's influence in your compositions and tonal range. It was great chatting with you at Belle Muse and discovering/ sharing a common philosophy on the art of photography. Lets plan some workshops soon!
Mary Culbertson
You produce such wonderful works of art! With natures help of course! Your 2017 calendar is wonderful! Your photographs move my soul and make me yearn for the wide open country. I can't wait to hang a few in my house!
J Carlos(non-registered)
I also read your article "An American Journey - part 1". Very inspiring words. Great stuff. Great images. Looking forward to reading more from your experience on photography.
Vartkes Peltekoglu(non-registered)
I read your article on Luminous Landscape. Inspirational!
I try to find the art within 10 miles of my home. It takes long and hard looking, emptying the mind of clutter, eventually gaining some clarity. It is in the end, very fulfilling.
Tim Newman(non-registered)
Just read your "An American Journey" article on Luminous Landscape ... wonderful story and great pictures. Thanks!
John Linford(non-registered)
It was lovely to meet you and Luttgard (I hope I've not butchered her spelling) last night at the Eccles. You really are creating some spectacular images!


Gloria Bartlett(non-registered)
Great pics Mark. I can see your passion for the B&W. I do love your color pics as well. All stunning. We hope to see you and your lovely wife at A Good Life Cafe soon. Thanks for the adventure.
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