My name is Mark Seawell and I'm a dedicated fine art photographer. Most of my adult life has been lived in Europe where I served our nation as a member of the U.S Air Force for 20 years before retiring in 2005. My family and I continued to live in Germany working at Ramstein Air Force base as a civilian but still supporting the Air Force until we moved to Utah in July 2014.

I have learned photography is both art and science. Art because so much creativity can be expressed. Science because you are bending light and attempting to meet certain technical criteria when you take a picture. I love the combination and the delicate balance between the two. I enjoy the chase and the attempt and perfection. All photographers know the best shot is just around the corner. My preference is definitely landscape photography but I also enjoy architectural photography as well. I love the land, how it constantly changes and the attempt to document and preserve for future generations what is slowly being taken away.

With our  move to northern Utah close to Salt Lake City we are enjoying a different landscape. If the German landscape whispered to you, the Utah landscape with the towering mountains and desolate areas such as Antelope Island scream at you! And in stark contrast to Germany, the sun actually shines here! We are very excited to explore the entire southwest from Colorado, to California and whatever other opportunities arise. With my Olympus E-5MKII and Panasonic GX7 in hand, we'll bring you everything this area offers. Sit back and enjoy the ride and I hope our photography inspires our viewers!